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Hi everyone.
I'm new to Equus but not to to Hyundai. I had a 13 Genesis, and an 18 G80. (x-wife has it now)
I must say, as much as I like the Genesis, the Equus is a few classes above.
I've had this car for about a month now with short drives and short trips back and forth to work, until this past weekend.
I was able to free myself from work for a 235 mile (each way) day trip.
I have to say the short drives and to and from work are extremely nice but, the road trip was an amazing pleasure. (I'm still finding new features)
First, I filled it up with mid grade gas and receives an average of 25.6 MPG. On the way back, I used regular and almost as good yielding about 25.2 MPG.
While I did keep my eye on the fuel, I was paying more attention to the ride, quietness, handling, power, comfort and sound system. Every category is very nice.
I tinkered with the lumbar support and found my lower back support just where it should be. Radio was set very low (sometimes) with no issue hearing it perfectly.
During heavy rain for over an hour, (there and back) this car never wavered and stuck to the road like it was dry.
Steering with 1 or 2 fingers made it an breeze to maneuver during lane change. Passing was limitless and if not observant, could have gotten me in serious trouble with HP if caught.
Bad road areas were a bit bumpy but the car handled them almost perfect. Smoothness is unprecedented. I felt like a VIP cruising in utmost style and comfort.
The cruise control is much smoother than I anticipated until the adaptive kicked in and scared the S**t out out of me slowing the car to a pace that confused me as to why. The car ahead of me was so far ahead I didn't think it should have affected my speed the way it did. (i'll be playing with this more to see if I can deal with it)
I don't like using cruise due to the fact that it never seems to keep an even speed. Up hills are gas guzzling, pedal to the floor, and down hill feels like your in free fall.
Not this car, very smooth (with adaptive turned off).
I did not get a chance (nor did I want to) test the lowest level of suspension. ( from what I've read, at 99 MPH the car will squat to a lower level)
All in all I give this car a rating of, I don't know. B+, A-. I have never driven a big Benz, or 7 series on a long trip. All I know is, if it is any better than the Equus, Damn!

Thanks for reading
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Genesis Model Type
Equus (2011-2016)
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