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2017 G80 5.0 tire size from (245/40R19 - 275/35R19) to (245/45R19 - 275/40R19)!


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So, I recently bought a 2017 G80 5.0 RWD and the car was available with the dealership for about 2 years.

After I received the car, they gave me a paper containing tires replacement request by a certain tires dealership. This is required as the current tires are old and started to get stiffer.

What I have noticed is, the tires size in the paper is (245/45R19 - 275/40R19), while the original size is (245/40R19 - 275/35R19).

Can anyone advise me if this difference in sizes would be a problem for the car, or there is no big deal with this minor difference?

Appreciate your feedbacks.


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Increasing the diameter of the tires more than 3% is generally not recommended. I would need to check, but I think this is more than 3%. This will lead to your cars speedometer and possibly ABS being messed up. There will be penalties in weight, body roll, and handling, although ride quality will be improved, and possibly maximum speed a bit.

245/45R19 - 275/40R19 is the stock size on the G90 interestingly enough.
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