4000 Mile Review


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Genesis G70
Actually only 3915 on the odometer buts its raining, im stuck in the house and bored (So i'm posting this slightly earlier than I had planned, Sue Me)

The Car - 2019 Genesis G70 3.3 AWD Sport in Havana red, Mileage on vehicle when purchased 42.
Protections - Exterior - Professional Ceramic Coating, Interior - Chemical guys complete kit leather protection, Escort MAX 360C

The Good
All mile so far have been absolutely trouble free, no issues no rattles, nothing the car is performing like a champ. This is truly the most advanced and amazing car I have ever had the pleasure to own at least so far.

Lighting - The lighting at night is brilliant it is almost more fun to drive at night than during the day (i'll explain that in a minute). The Auto Hi/lo beams is spot on, it works and works well. The lighting through curves is crystal clear. The door touches that display the Genesis logo really makes this stand out to people who aren't used to it. 10/10

Handling - Exceeds all expectations of driving a 2 door sports car, and this car has 4 doors! Throw it into a turn and it growls like a rabid wolverine and slingshots through. This is the first car I've owned where I feel a racing school for me would help me realize all the potential this car has to offer. I've always wanted to but my Mustang and BMW's never mad me consider it seriously as I am a good driver. This car makes me want to go from good to great.

Maintenance - I changed the oil at 1k miles and again at 3600 miles so I could maintain the Genesis recommended service schedule, all basic services outside of the early 1k mile service was done as included with the initial purchase. Oil, tire rotation, vehicle checks etc, the only thing it needs now is a map update which my dealer did not have on hand but is getting and made me aware of it. I usually use WAZE anyway so no great rush for it.


Fuel Economy -- On the highway this thing will pull an amazing 30+ mpg on a long enough trip (From Mass to SC I averaged 31 mpg which imo is pretty good) However in the City I see 16-19 max and 19 is when i'm in Eco and babying it. I've tried everything I could think of but around town mileage could be better. Obviously this car is rated at 17 so its not shocking it what is on the sticker and really really really trying my best is 19 and change.

Color - Havana Red, its gorgeous, its amazing its looks so bright and vibrant and Awesome!! Women love it and routinely ask me if I would father there children! (At least I think it because of the car color lol) Unfortunately - COPS love it to and after almost 18 years of clean no ticket driving I managed to pickup 2 points on my license (Which would have been 4 points but the cop was decent anyway).
Thats why I picked up the Escort Max 360C and I'm probably going to get a Uniden R7 as well. Toying with the idea of a jammer as well but still testing the effectiveness of the Escort.

Stereo - Not a major issue but depending on the screen the button on the steering wheel will make the radio Pre-selects go in the wrong direction. What I mean is when I hit the button up I expect it to go to the next station in line up but depending on whats displaying on the monitor say maps instead of the radio screen it will do the opposite. Minor annoyance but starting to get used to it.

SPOILING ME - I hop into other cars that lack my G70 features and I hate it, the loaner car they gave me was a 2020 Sonata which had no front camera and a bunch of other missing features and I had to cool my indignation over being given such a crappy loaner (lmao joke)

THATS it in a Nutshell, I loved the G70 when I first read about the G70 and I like it more and more with every drive so so far. At almost 4k mile would I buy her again? Yes! All day everyday and twice on Sunday.

Only planned upgrade so far is the headlight/Tail light covers, and the JB4 at around 10k miles, maybe earlier but that ticket still leaves a bad taste in my mouth lol.

The COMPETITION - Coming hear and seeing people seemingly do nothing but bitch and moan, can make you question your purchase or turn you off of a buying decision. It definitely affected me so I looked at other vehicle I could trade into before deciding to stay with my G70.

The BMW 330 and 340 - Boring, Bland and uninspired imo, I see lots of them and rarely do they look unique, just boring and you never take a second look at 99% of them. Ive owned multiple BMW's and they have all fallen apart at some point in time. The G70 is unknown long term but I know my BMW experiences were not up to par.

The Mercedes AMG C43 Sedan (2018) - I found a great looking one with 3k on the odometer, and said maybe.....then I drove it and frankly it sucked, the power was down compared to the 3.3 and it felt significantly slower, seat of the pants feel I know but boring all the same. Nothing beat turning the dial in the G70 into Sport mode having the dash go red the seats grip you nicely and the car instantly in play mode. The features were lacking no cooled seats no Heads up display etc, yeah they may be options but it jacks there prices up to a ridiculous level and most people don't do it and simply are happy with a 3 pointed star.

The Audi RS3 - an amazing car in some aspects but not significantly faster than the G70 and lacking almost all the safety features the G70 has, they new ones are in the 60k plus rage and the used (2018) are similar to the G70 at low 50's but it wasn't compelling enough to make me switch.

G70 best car I have ever owned I hope for many more trouble free adventurous miles
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