Acoustic Mat - Anyone installed?


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My G80 is very quiet and as some reviewers have said, 6db quieter than a Mercedes S @80mph. That being said...I recently put Kilmat 80 mil in all 4 doors of my Denali and WHAT a difference it made for noise, ease of conversation, and the Bose is even better. I put 3 sheets on the door in the back, 4 in the fronts, and strategically placed some Kilmat on the door panels.
So, I am very seriously thinking of doing the G80, just wondering if anyone has done it and was it worth the trouble. I have all the proper door panel tools. TIA :)

Bill in Alexandria

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I'm GOING to do that, but I believe there's already sound proofing in the doors. In addition, I sound proofed the trunk (which helped with exhaust noise and tire noise, but it's in preparation for a new subwoofer in the rear deck) and will also take 1/8" thick 1 lb MLV and place it between my mats and the floor both front and back. People who are REALLY neurotic will also pull the rear seat out and sound dampen under that and undercoat the wheel wells.

It IS a very quiet car, and I usually have the stereo going anyway, but every bit helps.


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I just upgraded my audio system in my 2018 G80 sport. The only place I really needed to add sound deadening was in the trunk. I added fatmat to the spare tire area two sheets to cover that entire are where there was bare metal. Everything else had pretty good soundproofing already and after installing my SQ audio upgrades I have no rattling or road noise. I replaced the front door mid bass and tweeters as well as the mid ranges in the dash and added 2 JL audio 10W6's in the trunk. Also installed high end Helix DSP to control the speakers and subs. I installed Legatia high end SQ speakers in the doors and dash.
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