Aftermarket Taillights?


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So I wanted to make my tailights dark to go with the look of the car. So after installation which was a HUGE pain due to the curvature of the lights. I had to heat the film like way more than I think it ok just to stretch it enough.

Probably simply done with a role instead. I mean why bother buying it in the shame of the light when it is clearly a bit too small and sure maybe others had it easy, I did not.

I like the Lamin-x material but I personally now after install think I would be better off with a piece not in the shape of the taillight and just trim it after. You just put the blade inbetween the car and light and go around. Nobody will ever see the rough cut you make as it is tucked away but with it being about the exact size, you can see it is a bit off in some areas and while it looks ok from a few feet, it does not have that spot on look like the rest of the car.

I called a place and they don't do it because he said in a year it no longer looks good from the sun.

He said they sell aftermarket tails but he sent me a photo of lights for a Stinger LOL.

Anyone know if they even make them for the G70?

Not sure I will even try to put on the headlights but those are lighter in color because I do not want my light diminished.


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