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I have a 2012 3.8 track trim. I started noticing a low hum at speeds of 75-80+mph when I let off and coast it would increase and decrease with acceleration so I had assumed it was a wheel hub, I ordered the part and swapped it myself with no issues. It did not fix the high speed hum. I consulted with my buddy who said he had a similar concern and said to get an alignment and all his problems all went away. I scheduled an alignment two weeks out and had no problems aside from the annoying hum. I went in today to get my alignment and when they passed me my keys back, he mentioned the tech said the traction control popped on and off and I said it's never done that before, any how I hoped in my vehicle and drove off assuming he messed with the traction control (he did put 6 miles on the car and I had mentioned the reason I came in). As I was on the highway sure enough the traction control light popped on, I soon found out neither my cruise control worked either. Then 20 miles later I was getting off the highway and as I go through the light from first gear it cuts power almost like traction control kicked in but for a longer time. Feriously i called back and they say they hadn't hit any sensors or claimed anything. I checked the fuses thinking perhaps they're pulling a sneaky to get me back in and as I drove to the store after I turned the vehicle off it cut power again in first from a stop and cc still isn't working (I didn't bring it back) My friend suggested the breaklight switch and said his went out and caused a mess of problems. It may be extreme coincidence but possible? Any light on the situation? This is why I hate shops but I can't do the alignment myself which didn't fix the hum either but now I have more issues than before. I've made an appointment for a hyundai dealership but that is another two weeks out.
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