AMS 2009 Open House and Swap meet Sunday May 3rd!


Getting familiar with the group...


WHAT: AMS PERFORMANCE 5th Annual Swap Meet and BBQ
WHERE: AMS PERFORMANCE 1760 Metoyer Ct West Chicago, IL 60185
TIME: Sunday May 3rd 10:30 am until 5 pm
COST: not a damn thing
FREE FOOD AND NOS ENERGY DRINKS: Free food at Noon and Free NOS Energy Drinks all day long!!!

NEW FOR 2009!!!!!
For the First time EVER we will have a LIVE BAND PERFORMING. One of AMS' own and his band "Ordinary Outcast" will be performing high energy Rock tunes from the past 3 decades LIVE INSIDE THE SHOP at 1pm!

A Few years back we started a little event here at the shop called the swap meet. Quite simply this is a day to bring all of your old or new parts and be a part of one big bargain filled day. We will block off several areas of our lot for "vendor" spaces. These are free and are on a first come first serve basis. The day works like a big swap meet/flea market. You can buy, sell and trade all day long to your heart’s content. Considering how tight things are for most Americans this is a GREAT way to save money on modifying your car. The big bonus is the shop here opens up with all of our own goodies. You will get a chance to pick up things like Overstock items at or below cost, prototype parts from our engineering/fabrication department, all kinds of used stock and aftermarket short we have a LOT OF STUFF!

This isn't limited to car parts either. You name it and you can bring it. Car Audio, video games, old movies...whatever. The only thing we ask is that you don't bring or sell anything illegal while here. I don't think I really need to get into examples of what’s illegal.

In addition to our widely popular swap meet we will also have the shop open for everyone. This is a great chance to see AMS behind the scenes and to explore how things work here inside the shop. So whether you are a current customer/friend of AMS or a potential new one...COME ON OUT!!!


At 9am we will open our lot up to vendors to set up with all their parts. These spots are limited and FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We highly recommend you get here RIGHT AT 9am to get a good spot. We will wrap the building with them but they GO FAST!


We will allow customers/spectators to start filing it at 10:30 am. In the 4 years we have done this I can tell you that the good stuff GOES QUICK and the expensive good stuff gets sold in desperation at crackhead prices right before close.

What does this mean you ask? It means you really should be here all day and to not give up on an item if its priced too high...nobody wants to take anything home and you will be surprised what stuff will go for towards the end of the day.

This is open to any and all customers, friends, supporters or fans of AMS or cars in general!!!

See you May 3rd!!!



Getting familiar with the group...
Just ordered 150 pizza's from papa johns!

This is going to be HUGE!!!!!

9:00 AM - Lot opens for vendor setup
10:30 AM - Gates open for shopping / hanging out
10:30 AM - Bag boards and racing simulator are open for use
10:30 AM - NOS Energy drink available for sampling
11:00 AM - Shop Tours available
12:00 AM - AMS TA-X presentation
12:30 PM - Pizza is Served
2:00 PM - Martin's 800whp street EVO hits the roller
3:00 PM - Ordinary outcast takes the stage inside AMS!
4:30 PM - AMS Carter Ketner Raffle drawing
5:00 PM - open house shuts down
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