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I've had my V8 Sedan with the Tech. package for a little over a month... Love the car but have two issues... 1st. item - Centre Front Parking Sensor was malfunctioning.. Dealer obtained part (2 weeks ) and replaced the sensor. Problem involved part of the scensor wire being crimped between bumper facing and the fram. No big deal.. Problem indentified & Resolved.

2nd. item - Problem is on going... All sound ( Radio..all formats ) GPS, Voice well as their volumn and channel controls stop working completely. Happens when outside temp. is 12 degs. or less. and then only on a sporadic bases. US Web sites refer a similar problem involving an amplifier with a US... "TSS" campaign number 08-01-010-1. I have no idea if this problem has been identified in Canada or even if applies to Canadian version of the V8 Tech. package ( Lexicon system ).

Has anyone else had any problems with the Sound Systems here in Cda.?? What was the outcome ?? Thanks !


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Montreal, Canada
Iron Horse,

I've had my 4.6/Tech for a little over 6 months now and we've seen a fair share of 12 degrees Celcius or colder here around the Montreal area. I've never experienced what you have described...never.
You should talk to the dealer.

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Thanks for the come back. I've got the dealer looking into it and I passed along this web site so they can look at US responses to the problem. Dealer will not ( naturally ) acknowledge any issue off the internet... but they ensure they will take issue up with Hyundai to see if they can find any issues. At this point I have confidence they will get to the bottom of it... By the way... Love Mtl. I just spend 10 yrs. there working for one of the railways.

Cheers !


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Hi Iron Horse,

Got mine in Aug 2008. It's a V6 with Tech Package. Problem first surfaced up in early Dec, last year. Got the amp unit changed in May, this year. Greatly improved the problem (which in my case was voice activation hardly ever worked and once in a blue moon, I'd lose all sound). With amp changed, voice activation works better than 9/10 and I never lost sound system since. Wonder though... cold weather coming...

PS: The TSB you refer to calls for a) changing the amp , and then b) changing the head unit. Your Hyundai dealer will perform the first step to determine whether or not the next step is warranted.

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Thanks Bernie,

Sounds almost identical to my problem. I will be checking with my dealer this week (almost time for snow tires! ) to see what they learned from Hyundai Canada. My dealer is usually pretty good with these issues.... I was getting a little worried when I didn't have any replies from other Cdn. owners having similar same problem. Thanks again.

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I had the no sound from the audio system happen to me, but it always happened in the HOT months. (June - September). Happened about four or five times. The audio would always come back once the ignition was shut off for 5 minutes of so, (like when visiting the Post Office, or grocery store). Just shutting the ignition off, then back on would not bring it back. Only when the ignition had been off for a few minutes.

My dealer (Orlando Hyundai) has a Genesis Tech that is super. He managed to get the Hyundai Tech Line to agree to change the Amplifier, which they did. Although we had a super HOT October, the problem had not come back. Even parked in the sun a few times to see it the problem would come back, but I guess the Amp change fixed it.

I visited Orlando Hyundai just yesterday, brought the Genesis Tech donuts and told him that both the problem above, and the other hot weather problem that he fixed, are now corrected. (Loving it). (This Genesis tech [Mark] knows what he is doing)

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Glad to hear from someone who experienced the same problem but in HOT weather.... It seems a little strange to occur only in cold weather, as most of the earlier examples appeared to be warm weather...same as yours. If I've read the other threads correctly, it seems the Amps. have been over-heating. That seems nature for HOT weather, but is a little more perplexing when it is occuring in cold weather..... Then again, Korea has both HOT and COLD temperatures !! (Sick).


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I'm the next victim of this same problem. 2011 Genesis 4.6. Temp here in NJ was very cold over the weekend - audio worked fine yesterday (temp was around 35 degrees Farenheit) - today it's even warmer - car is garage kept. All audio functions were deader than dead today. It is operating - and I can see it makes phone call connections, radio and XM radio connections.. navigation appears to be working... but voice commands and anything audio related is dead quiet. Sounds like a call to the dealer is in order - which stinks as I bought the car used (not thru a Hyundai dealier) and Hyundai doesn't transfer the warranty to second owners. Anyone have any idea what the cost on the amplifier replacement is?
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