B(Exhaust) Camshaft Position Sensor (2011 3.8 V6)


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Hi everyone,

Over the past year I keep getting this message: Check Engine light comes on and when I scan it is always: P0025--B(Exhaust) Camshaft Position Sensor - timing over -retarded (Bank 2).

I have never once noticed any difference in performance, gas mileage, acceleration or anything else when I get this error. It usually goes away by itself within a few more starts or I have my own scanner and can clear it myself. I had it in for service once at the dealer and they checked it. The check engine light had just gone out on its own. I did not clear it. The service tech said he could not find anything wrong and cleared it. He said he saw where it had fired the code but that everything was working fine. They suggested I come back if it comes back. He suggested that the sensor may be going bad but quite honestly he seemed to be guessing at that point.

In the meantime I have become convinced that it just might be that and even if its not, that would likely be the easiest thing to try first. It seems like that would be pretty easy to find the right part, bolt it in, do the ECU re-learn and see if that doesn't fix it for good.

Does anyone know where exactly this sensor is? Do you have a picture? The parts catalogs online are not very clear. Also, if you happen to know it, the part number for the sensor would be help too. I think it might be 39318-3C100 but would like to confirm.


2012 3.8
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This is the location of the LH (drivers side)Sensor. On the side of the valve cover towards the back of the engine under the steel coolant pipe. The RH will be in a similar location on the passenger side of the engine.20190414_221649.jpg20190414_221753.jpg
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