best snow tires for my genesis coupe


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Hey guys,
this is my first winter owning a 2014 gen. coupe, any recommendation on how it handles on snow and what snow tires i should invest on buying..?

Thanks in advance,


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Blizzaks, are nice otherwise for my Sedan 201 I just put a pair of All-Weather Nokian WR G3's and we had our first snow storm two days ago, cars been doing great. I got 120 lbs of sand in trunk, and have not had like any issues at all besides hitting at ice patch in the cities covered with slush, I spun for a brief moment and was able to maneuver out and make my turn. I also do avoid hills at all costs, and try to stay off the compacted ice snow roads. Its been handling grreat otherwise, and this is my first winter with the car.
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