Bluetooth microphone not working


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
Anyone experienced the microphone not working while otherwise connected on a call via Bluetooth? Can hear the other person talk but they can't hear me talk in a 2015 Genesis.
Some of the circumstances:
* Microphone is not muted (have switched on and off) and have tried at different microphone volume levels.
* Happened out of the blue a few days ago
* Phone is paired and connected and calls go through and can be received, just can't be heard although i can hear them.
* Does not appear to be the phone. Same thing happens with my Pixel 3 Android and my wife's iPhone. Both phones work normally over Bluetooth in her car.
* Have deleted the phone and repaired it; have also forgot the Bluetooth connection on the phone side and repaired, no change.
* Have done a Bluetooth reset from the Settings menu (have not reset the entire system via the button yet) and still not working.
Anybody else have a similar experience? Any other fixes to try before bringing it in?