Bluetooth only pairs with phone and not media audio


Yes, the tech package doesn't stream, but the rest of the packages do. For the tech package, you have to plug your device in using the ports inside the center console. You also have to buy Hyundai's adapter, can't just plug in a USB with an audio adapter. When you do that, you will now have to buy an adapter to go from the old iPhone 4 to the updated lightning adapter, as Hyundai only sells their adapter to be compatible for iPhone 4's or earlier. Once you get all the pieces together, it does provide good sound, but you will always be plugged in when using your device for audio. At least it's also charging at the same time.


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The other option is to pick up a second BT receiver that you plug into the aux port. You phone can connect to more than one BT device at the same time. So it uses the car's BT for the phone, and the second BT receiver for streaming audio.
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