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BMS Pedal Tuner - First Mod


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Genesis G70
Hey, thanks for the feedback! Can you describe with detail what the 3.3T feels like with Stage 2 enabled in each of the drive modes? I'm really interested in how Eco mode drives. I'm hoping it uses the torque to get up to speed fast but shifts early.

Anyways, looking forward to your comments!
I'm not sure that this device should change the way the car shifts at all as it's not doing anything that would affect shift logic. I can't really comment on how the car holds revs and what the shift points are as I haven't really paid attention to that aspect. I have noticed that gas mileage decreases in eco mode if I'm constantly performing eco blasts though. :ROFLMAO:

It's impressive how customizable the device settings are, all three stages have fine tuning settings to tailor the sensitivity further. This is nice as the sprint booster I had in my previous car only had 3 settings total. This device allows you to make the throttle super sensitive or just increase the sensitivity a little bit. I find that Sport mode is borderline ridiculous but in a fun way. I found that the throttle response in sport mode was already very fast, and the pedal tuner ratchets that up several notches depending on the mode it's set to.


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Genesis G70
I just installed the BMS Pedal Tuner in a 2.0T manual Sport. Couldn't be happier with the results; a fantastic device that really addresses the stock throttle input lag with the car! Makes shifting so much better!
So about two months after I installed the Pedal Tuner the honeymoon ended and I decided to remove it from my 2.0T 6MT. Not because it does not work as described; it definitely does increase the response in opening the throttle plate when pressing the gas pedal. But so does Sport mode . . .

With the Pedal Tuner installed I ended up keeping my car in the default Comfort mode and dialing in the pedal tuner to speed up the response; essentially to make it feel a bit more like Sport mode. However, when I wanted to select actual Sport mode or my Custom mode with sport engine response and comfort steering response, the throttle response would become too twitchy (not the best with a manual transmission), so I would end up dialing the pedal tuner back or switching back to Comfort. Essentially, I ended up preferring the response in Sport mode without the pedal tuner and I got used to the response in Comfort and Eco modes without the pedal tuner when I wanted to save gas (more than 50% of my driving is in Comfort/Eco mode on the highway).

Also, I purchased and installed the pedal tuner soon after purchasing the car (less than 300 miles on the car at the time). However, I noticed my engine and throttle feel when shifting seemed to improve after about the first 1,000 miles (i.e. a little beyond the normal break-in period), making me feel less of a need to increase the throttle response (I'm at 3400 miles or so now). Again, it's not a bad product; it does what it is supposed to do (mine is listed for sale on ebay for anyone interested). But I just ended up preferring the stock drive options after some time.


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
First modification to the new car and I couldn't be happier. It's really made a difference with throttle inputs including removing some awkward hesitations. The install was a breeze. Comfort mode was pathetic/anemic feeling and so now I actually don't mind it as much when I don't have a need for speed or additional driving dynamics. Sport, though, really shines. I'm used to a more responsive and direct throttle and this satisfies. While this doesn't technically add any performance, it absolutely gives you more accessibility to the power. I've settled on the stage 2 map as it meets my needs.

Highly, highly recommend.

BMS Pedal Tuner
I'm with you. I just got a '16 Genesis 3.8(G80) AWD. I've accepted the fact that this exceptional car will not return the same in gas milage. Eco mode on this car is practically non-existent. I did, how ever, purchased the BMS( paid for the Pedal Commander but they sent me this instead). With the vehicle mode left in normal, I tried stage one( which is probably their "eco" mode); there was no noticeable difference in response and, more importantly, no change in gas mileage. Then I went up to stage 2, +2. From there, I barely touch the throttle, and she's ready to jump off. As of right now, I'm settling on S2 +1. To me, that's more of a reasonable daily aggression. I punched it on the on-ramp with a Bimmer and ES 300 in my wake. The ES pulled-up on me, and then got in front. They quickly went around another car, and I went with them ready to go for it, but they got off at the next exit! Next time!!....Just a note, the BMS does maintain settings in each stage.


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Just got the pedal for birthday present. Quick question about the calibration. No light seems to turn on when it is installed even when I turn the engine to accessory mode. I assume you turn the engine on to get power to the unit and then turn engine off and calibrate it then? I'm asking because it seems power to the unit turns off in like 10 secs and i feel like i am not getting a proper calibration
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Just got the pedal for birthday present. Quick question about the calibration. No light seems to turn on when it is installed even when I turn the engine to accessory mode. I assume you turn the engine on to get power to the unit and then turn engine off and calibrate it then? Thanks
Sounds Like you don't have the PC connected all the way. Check your connections again. You have to hear them click together; The pedal doesn't work until the car is in the on position.
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