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Anyone else had a problem w/2013 3.8 sedan brakes? Went w/wife to another lil town & noticed she (her car) would compensate the brake pulling slightly by "letting off the pressure on the brake pedal. Asked her if she was having a problem with thte brakes & she responded that it seems to pull to the right a little when stopping now after last weeks tire rotation ( @ dealer along w/oil chg., align etc) I asked her to let me drive on the way back. (I have Parkinson's drive very little) got the car up to 65 on the four lane & mashed the brakes & WOW!!! it pulled to the right so badly it changed lanes!!
Got it to the dealer immediately & was told the ABS pump was bad after they checked calipers, pads, rotors etc! NHTSB aware of this "Hyundai known problem"? (dealers word) We are "hoping the wrap warranty we purchased @ 8,000 mi from the selling dealer will cover?
Any feedback, or experiences (good I hope- bad?)
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