BTR ECU/TCU Tune Installation Video


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
Hey guys,

I noticed that nobody had made a video on how to install this tune on your Genesis sedan yet, so I decided to be the pioneer.

I had gotten my ECU in first then a few days later the TCU came in after I had already installed the ECU. Having installed the ECU a few days earlier, I knew exactly what to do to get it done so I figured I'd make a post for y'all who didn't know how to do it. I wish someone had made a video before I installed it cause I had no idea what I was doing at first and I spent an hour on something that should have taken 15 mins or less.

So here you go guys, hope this helps anyone who has it and doesn't know how to put it in, or is considering purchasing the tune. Hopefully this can save you guys some money from having someone else install it. It's very simple.

I would highly recommend this being the LAST modification you add to the vehicle because if you add mods after installing this you will have to send them back the ECU/TCU so they can reflash it according to the new mods. I had already modified everything I could performance-wise on the car so I ended up getting some great gains out of this tune. I'd say from my butt-dyno its about an overall 40-50hp BHP gain with probably 15-20 of that to the wheels.

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