Buying 2009 Genesis 3.8L V6 in 2019... anything specific to look for in pre-purchase inspection?


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I'm buying 2009 Genesis 3.8L V6 pending pre-purchase inspection at a Hyundai dealership. It's got 230,000 km.
I see some damage underside, basically it looks like about half of the plastic under-cover beneath the front bumper is broken and gone.
Feeling a bit nervous about the inspection, because I want the car but obviously won't be able to buy if there's a major issue.
I'm guessing if there's a major issue on either the engine or transmission, it might not be worth repairing because the car's market value is not too high right now. I am seeing market value of this car as $5000-$8000 CAD. Am I right?
Are there something specific I should look for? I read somewhere transmission evaluation and engine compression test should be done. Should I ask for these?
Also, dealer data sheet says "Premium Package" but it doesn't have sunroof, and I count 7 speakers only. So this is not premium package, correct?
Thank you everyone in advance.


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Correct, that's a base car. Sunroof was included in the Premium Package and Tech Package, but not in Base cars.

In 2009, the Premium package had the 14 speaker Lexicon, power seat and power tilt steering and sunroof of course. Touchscreen Nav w/ SD upgrade slot was a $2k option on Premium Cars.

Tech package was loaded of course: The positively brilliant (!) 17 speaker Lexicon, DIS, cooled driver seat, rear sunshade, NON-touchscreen nav w/o upgrade slot, auto-steering and self-leveling headlights, etc.

I know there's a 2009 features thread around here somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Here's a 2010 thread which should help (it calls out the changes from '09 to '10):

2010 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Specs


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
To my disappointment, dealer inspection resulted in the following recommendation to pass safety

All in canadian dollars, dealer quote

rear pad and rotors: 532
tires: 930
parking shoes: 314
suspensing springs: 767
wheel alignment 134
fron brak service 105
right high beam light: 35
total: $2717

Also, noted "excessive rust on brake lines". Nothing needs to be done yet, but could leak sometime in future and then will need replacement.

The used car price is $5000. The car has all maintenance records since 2009, all dealer serviced. So I suppose engine and transmission is fine. But now I know why the previous owner got rid of the car.

Is this car worth repairing? I am on the fence...........


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IMHO, does not seem worth the risk.

Couple of things to watch out for...#2 may not apply to you outside California...
1) The Telescoping Steering Wheel control: Some of these go bad. Just be prepared. You can buy a control and get it replaced.
2) Passing emissions in CA: Some issue about some setting on the 2009 3.8 that i particular to the way CA tests.

Suggest, keep looking. I am sure a good one will come along. Best of luck