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Buying a '14 R spec


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Hi everyone.

I'm coming from a Mazdaspeed 3. I progressively threw the sink at it. Started with "just an ots tune" that led to bolt ons, then ethanol fuel mix, then finally a big(er) turbo. I ended up right around 360 whp. The 60-100 time got down to 4.9, so it was pretty quick for what it was. But I started to resent the car. I was constantly monitoring every engine parameter to make sure it was healthy, and every pull felt like russian roulette. I also added so much NVH that I hated commuting in it. I ended up stocking it out in an effort to fall back in love, but it didn't work. It's still loud even with a stock exhaust, and now it's pretty slow on the stock map. I also resent a manual trans in my new commute that's stop and go... Just graduated pharmacy school and started working across the city.

So trying to figure out a replacement car wasn't easy. I considered everything from an SQ5 to an M235i x drive to a Kia Niro. I decided power is better than efficiency. I pretty much narrowed it down to a 335i or the 5.0 Hyundai. I drove a 2015 335xi before the genesis, and actually liked the Genesis better. It felt quicker and a little more on the luxury side than sporty as far as ride quality, but it was more fun to drive. I hammered the genesis at 40 and the rear end kicked out for a split second before esc killed the fun. But I liked that it could be a little rowdy when provoked. Not to mention maintenance nightmares on the BMW. My mom has a 2006 Sonata V6 that she bought new, still has it. 165k miles and it hasn't needed a thing. Undercarriage looks great for the age. It really made an impression on me of Hyundai's powertrian quality. So I was down to a 13-14' r spec or 15' 5.0. The '14 had all the luxuries I really wanted besides blind spot monitoring. I'm also an odd duck that thinks it looks better, and appreciates the higher hp with less weight.

I ended up deciding on one from Carmax. One owner bought and sold in Cali. I'm having it shipped here. The car has more miles on the odo than I'd like at 49k, but I'm going to get maxcare for the car anyway. It's only $1750 to cover the car for 5 years up to 125k miles so I think it's worth it. I've read some issues about parking sensors, sunroofs, etc. I know those can get pricey. The warranty gives me peace of mind. I'm also trying to get away from having a daily be a project. I hope to get an NB miata or Sky Redline/Solstice GXP in a few years to do dumb stuff to.

I'm really excited to be a part of the community here. It's been a warm welcome so far in the couple threads I've posted. I have much to learn about all the cars here. Hopefully I can still help out some along the way.

Pics of my speed3, speed triple, and FJ09



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Hey! I'm pretty sure I responded to this in another thread - but maybe I'm going crazy. If not - welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up. I'm glad you found us! Have any pictures of your Genesis yet?


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welcome!!! great choice the Genesis Rspec is a beast and posses both luxury and speed , you will not be disappointed.
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