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Carlinkit Ai box-Wireless Apple CarPlay Supported - Genesis G70


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Genesis G70
Well, to my overwhelmingly pleasant surprise, the Carlinkit AI box device arrived 8 days after ordering it even though it was shipped directly from China - AND - it installed without an issue and exactly as advertised quickly -AND- the thing actually started to work immediately, playing a Pandora station. Now, I have not driven the car out of the garage yet so it hasn't been road tested, so to speak. But, in the garage, with no WiFi connection and only a weak cell connection, it does exactly what I hoped it would do. I consider this experience so far to be incredibly lucky, against the odds, and what I hoped for but not really expected. Therefore, I am going to buy lottery tickets tonight and clean the house just in case Cindy Crawford just happens to knock on the door.

I did a couple of things that might have made a difference in having everything go so smooth so far. First, I started the car and did the install with engine running, not just on. Second, some some stuff I found in my research coincided with the instructions on the back of the box - make sure the phone is not connected to a wifi network when the install is started. I told it to forget my home wifi network and just reconnected to it after I completed the install.The box also stated not to be connected to "Bluetooth Networks" but I did leave the phone connected to my Airpods and that did not appear to cause any problem. My logic was the phone regularly successfully connects to multiple Bluetooth devices so I did not expect a problem with the momentary Bluetooth conection established during the start of the install.

The device was well and professionally packaged. Interestingly the box was in a plastic shipping bag that was in a somewhat bigger plastic shipping bag that was in an even bigger third plastic shipping bag. There was also a reasonably good set of numbered instructions on the back of the box. I did not bother using the folded little pamphlet that was inside the box.

The real test will come when I see how well it works when I take the car out during my normal daily activities. I will advise.

Just took car out for a short errand. It wirelessly connected to the phone in my pocket before I was fully backed out of my driveway. Everything appeared to work normally without any issue. I was playing a Pandora station and the quality of the audio (Temptations - Just My Imagination) actually seemed better with more dynamic range than previously but this may have been just my imagination. Everything responded quickly and it seemed very snappy but that might be because of the super fast CPU Apple has in their new iPhone SE. Interestingly, I looked at the phone while music from it was playing and it indicated no WiFi or Bluetooth connection but WiFi was providing the signal to the Carlinkit device. As soon as I got back in the house the phone immediately reconnected to my WiFi network. So far this thing seems to work exactly as advertised and IMO worth every penny spent for it. Only time will tell for sure how well it performs.
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