Caution Light Car Symbol Flashing


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I bought a 2014 Equus signature on 21 Dec 2017. I've only driven around my town a couple of times. I decided to drive it to work today 12/30/17 and a red Caution light with the symbol of an Equus flashes, accompanied by a series of beeps or low tones. I drove for 40 minutes and this happened every minute or so. There was no changes in handling, engine, braking, etc. I had the navigation system on but that was it. I have no idea why this happened and I can't find any information in my manual or online to explain this caution.
Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what was the cause? Unfortunately, it's a holiday weekend and I may not be able to get it checked until Tuesday Jan 2nd, 2018. I recently had an oil change, but the no other lights came on. Not even the check engine light. The temperature was close to freezing so I assumed the caution might have been to look out for ice or something. However the streets were dry.

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