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Using for GPS. So much better than Genesis


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In your first post you said Android, if your phone is an Android then that's what Android Auto is for. Get a good USB A to USB C cable and plug it in to the data connection where the wireless charger is. In the section that says "phone projection" it will change to "Android Auto" and you'll see your phone on the 14.5" screen. You can then use Google Maps or Waze through there. I do not use Genesis Navigation I use this and it's much better than a mount because it's a bigger screen (doesn't use the full screen but still bigger than the phone and with iPhone uses more real estate). It's also in a better position for viewing than a phone mount. At least in Canada if you put one on your windshield you can be ticketed for impairing your view, and below the dash is not ideal for viewing. Also, rotary dial and steering wheel controls now work for your phone.
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I tried a bunch of these:

I tried the one that suction cups to the dash, unless it is super smooth, it will fall off. Tried the ones that suction to the windshield, either a blind spot I don't want, or they bounce up and down as you drive. The one that fits in the cup holder (Weathertech is the only one that is decent) blocks the dash buttons, but might be OK for you. Finally, the one that worked the best was one that mounts in an air vent, you can get it on Amazon. Have to fiddle with the placement of the metal plate to get the best balance on the phone, put it between your case and phone until you get it right, then attach to case.

VICSEED Car Phone Mount​

I updated my Nav System (do it over the air, skip the SD Card Method which takes twice as long) and now the Navigation, at least on my 2017 G80 was a worthwhile alternative the Google. Also, that same Nav Update added Android Auto, but I really did not like it.
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