Center Console Button Layout Mystery


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Okay, so here comes one of the most wonky posts you might ever see but concerning the layout of the buttons below the drive mode selector I noticed something I've never seen before after many months of incessantly viewing interior pictures on etc...

So real quick here's some important background. Presently on the US Spec G70 (and probably all other versions) there can be a maximum of 5 buttons below the drive mode selector.
1. Auto Brake Hold
2. Idle Stop and Go Disable/Enable
3. Surround View Camera
4. Parking Sensors Enable/Disable
5. Traction Control Off/On

From what I can tell, the only US trims that get all 5 buttons are the 2.0T Auto Prestige and Sport Trims. (2.0T Manual Sport obviously has an entirely different center console configuration)

All USDM trims of the 3.3T are not equipped with idle stop and go so they can be equipped with at most 4 of the above listed buttons. For a while I've noticed the Prestige/Sport/Dynamic/Design trims of the 3.3T have 4 buttons in a layout that can accommodate as many as 5 buttons but today I stumble upon a G70 3.3.T Sport at Jim Ellis Genesis of Atlanta and find that it has a 4 button layout that I have only seen in the gallery on the Genesis Middle East website.

So I'm left wondering is this a KDM or Middle East only part that somehow found its way into a US Spec G70? Or have they decided mid production to include this part that before now was not seen in early builds of the US Spec G70?

Anybody else noticed this before or am I the biggest dork in the world? Let me know! (Attaching below some photos of the different layouts that I've noticed)
From top to bottom they are 3.3T Elite, 3.3T Advanced, 2.0T Prestige/Sport, Layout as seen on the Genesis Middle East website, 3.3T Design/Dynamic/Prestige/Sport, and finally a photo of the G70 in question at Jim Ellis in Atlanta.

AT21838092-bl-o13.jpgAT21855327-bl-o14.jpgAT21883775-bl-o15.jpggenesis-g70-gallery-in-05.jpgGenesis-G70-Gear-Patrol-Slide-6-1940x1300.jpgAnnotation 2019-04-11 135330.png


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Not sure what you mean. The Atlanta G70 clearly has the 5 button layout.

To add...the Window Sticker states gray stitching. Your photo above has red stitching.



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I still want too now what the triangle blank is on the left behind by steering is/was for.
I'm guessing rear for lights for those markets but can't confirm!


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