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Ceramic Coated Sport Wheels


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Genesis G70
Over the weekend I took the wheels off the car, cleaned with Iron-X, buffed with 3" Orange Pad with Consumer Grade Compound then finish buffed with White Pad using Mothers Pure Polish. Wiped down twice with CarPro Eraser then applied 2 coats of CarPro Dlux. I think appearance is great and as of tuesday the finish is very smooth & slick. Also cleaned with Iron-X and then buffed the face of the calipers, wiped down with Eraser then applied 3 coats of the Dlux to them. 20200321_165807.jpg
I have to admit it was a labor intensive job. The product is more difficult to apply evenly than the Cquartz 3.0 I used on the car, Second coat was a lot easier, less "dragging" of the applicator. Would be better if you had some kind of rack to hold and allow wheel to be spun but I just put them on work bench and rotated.
Must say satisfied with everything I have tried from CarPro. The Dlux came in a 30ml bottle, only used a little less than half so it goes along way. FYI.


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Genesis G70
Looks awesome. I wish I had those wheels, they look way better than the 18s on the 2019 AWD V6 and about ten times easier to clean.
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