Changing wheel and tire today


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Genesis G70
My new wheels installed and a perfect day led me to decide to remove the wheel to be certain I knew how.
(Yes I have road coverage. The ghost of my father would not rest until I did this)

First, I am happy the new wheels are nine pounds lighter than the OEM wheels.

The unexpected issue was when the wheel was back on the ground and the jack holding no weight I could not remove the jack from the lift point. I put my head on the garage floor and looked and there is some thick gummy stuff which I assume is sound/heat/corrosion insulation all around the area of the jack point; likely much of the undercarriage, I assume. Lifting the car at the jack point drove the jack into the sticky stuff and it did not want to release. It hung on the jack point even when the jack was inches clear of the ground. I had to wiggle and shake and finagle and pull in every direction until it finally came free.

Those with access to a real lift or pit may see what I mean.

All the tools are there and work properly. The lift point is clear to see for those who know what to look for. I am glad I gave myself the experience.
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