Complaints sent to Hyunday-Genesis headquarters on 2014 Equus


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This is a letter I just sent to Hyundai regarding issues with my 2014 Equus:
I purchased a 2014 Hyundai six months ago. As soon as the 5-year warranty expired, I started having problems relating to sudden braking on the expressway, the engine cutting off while driving at freeway speed, cruise control turning itself off, the dashboard cover lifting off its base. My car that has only 48000 miles, has been well cared for and has never been damaged or in an accident. I am finding it difficult to accept that the repair for the abovementioned comes to more than $6,000.00 according to Rick Case Hyundai. Please see the attached pictures as evidence of the above. I appeal to you, as the manufacturer of the vehicle, to have the necessary repairs done at no charge. Thank You.

1) The top picture shows the lights that come on when the cruise control self-disengage and at times apply the brakes while driving on the freeway.
2) The second picture shows another set of lights that come on, disengaging many of the other electrical functions. $1,200.00 for light and $600.00 for labor.
3 & 4 Third and fourth pictures show the dashboard getting unglued gradually or lifting off from its base. Estimated cost of $4,500.00 for replacement and labor.
5) shows the tail light assembly having condensed moisture inside unit causing the electrical issues/shortage.


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