Does your G90 wheel click when rotated?


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Have the noise on a few G80s. My technician seems to think it's the springs on the back of the airbag assembly. Haven't replaced one yet so can't confirm. Have replaced clock springs on the cars and noise still remains. He had thought paddle shifters but after thinking about it, didn't really make sense.
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Genesis G90
I am new to the forum and bought a 2020 G90 from a dealership and my car has the CPO and 100,000 mile warranty that they claim is the same as a "new car" warranty...not a 3rd party, but a Genesis warranty. I already am hearing the issue that you described and at first thought that it was just plastic or rubber creaking around the steering column. I am bringing the car back to the dealership on Monday because it also has a timing chain tensioner clacking sound on start up from cold. They should never have sold the car with this issue....