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Does anyone know what the user selectable drives modes actually do to the car? For instance, I know that Snow improves traction but how does it actually work (e.g., does it provide equal power to the all wheels and uses lower gears?).

I found the below online but not sure if there is more information elsewhere.
Intelligent Drive ModeType of Driving
ECOFuel Economy
SPORTDynamic Focus
SNOWLow-traction conditions


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In addition to what you see below, the shift points are changed and the pedal reaction is softened. You can make 2nd gear starts too.

It does change the traction balance as needed for slippery conditions.
When Active ECO is activated:
• The acceleration response may be
slightly reduced as the accelerator
pedal is depressed moderately.
• The air conditioner performance
may be limited.
• The shift pattern of the automatic
transmission may change.
• The engine noise may get louder.
The above situations are normal
conditions when the Active ECO system
is activated to improve fuel efficiency.
Limitation of Active ECO operation:
If the following conditions occur while
Active ECO is operating, the system
operation is limited even though
there is no change in the ECO indicator.
• When the coolant temperature is
The system will be limited until
engine performance becomes normal.
• When driving up a hill:
The system will be limited to gain
power when driving uphill because
engine torque is restricted.
• When using the automatic transmission
Sports mode:
The system will be limited according
to the shift location.

SPORT mode
SPORT mode focuses on
dynamic driving by automatically
adjusting the
steering wheel, engine
and transmission system.
• When the DRIVE MODE switch is
pressed and the SPORT mode is
selected, the SPORT indicator
(yellow) will illuminate.
• When the SPORT mode is activated,
and the engine is turned off
and on it will change to NORMAL
mode. To turn on the SPORT
mode, press the DRIVE MODE
switch again.
• If the system is activated:
- After accelerating and releasing
the accelerator pedal, the gear
and engine speed RPM may not
drop as soon as in NORMAL
- Up-shifting is delayed.
In SPORT mode, the fuel efficiency
may decrease.
SNOW mode (if equipped)
SNOW mode helps the
driver to drive more effectively
on slippery roads
such as snowy or muddy
• When the DRIVE MODE switch is
pressed for more than one second,
the SNOW mode will operate
regardless of whichever drive
operating. If the switch is pressed
once more, the drive mode (NORMAL/
ECO/SPORT) that was operating
previously will operate
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