Driving.ca: 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec

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"Indeed, the R-Spec, which features as the raciest of Hyundais, competes most assiduously with Mustang and Camaro. There is just something old-fashioned — albeit endearingly so — about the Genesis Coupe....Pistons and gears feel likewise old school. The six-speed manual, for instance, has a heavy pull to the 1-to-2 and 3-to-4 shifts, the clutch also requiring a little more fast twitch muscle fibre than most. The big 3.8-litre V6 backs up its impressive 348 horsepower with a basso profundo exhaust beat that is actually more American muscle car than the vaguely European timbre to the new Camaro’s V6. Even its 295 lb.-ft. at 5,100 rpm feels more torquey North American than revvy Asian. For those looking for maximum power for minimum buck the 3.8L makes for an impressive package, its only significant failing a tendency to stall thanks to a combination of stiff clutch and limp throttle. Also, it sucks back gasoline like a good ol’ ‘Merican V8."
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