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Exterior LED light kit. Too bright?


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Genesis Model Type
1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
Car is a 2012 R-Spec Genesis

I want to use LED for the following....

-daytime driving light (H7)
-foglights (H8)
-reverse light (921)
-license plate light (6418 36mm)

I don’t want to it to be too bright to a point where it will blind oncoming traffic. I also don’t want it to generate too much heat. Which brand do you recommend. Can someone recommend a good brand?


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Go to Headlight revolution on YouTube, they are one of the few lighting companies that provide testing of thousands of bulbs to find the good and bad. Most important is to find a bulb that matches the factory light pattern the closest and also has only two bulb sides. Do not buy bulbs with led's everywhere for headlights, they have terrible glare and headlight performance.

I'm going to buy the H7 led bulbs for my highbeams - GTR Lighting Ultra 2 bulbs. The V.4 bulbs are also a good choice too. They have a 20% off sale right now.

Here a great list:
Highbeams - GTR Lighting Ultra 2 H7: GTR Lighting Ultra 2
Foglights - Diode Dynamics SLF Diode Dynamics H8/H9/H11 SL1 LED Headlight (pair)
Reverse lights - VLED's HIGH OUTPUT WHITE 6 LED 921
License plate - VLED's WHITE 360° LONG LIFE 24 LED 38MM 6418

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