first post---new 2015 3.8 awd ultimate..LONG

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2 weeks ago purchased a new 3.8 awd ultimate package and have a few first- impressions. Some may be simply that I am not familiar with the car and have not learned correct operation. The car I sold was a 2009 lexus 460 awd with every option and 75000 miles. Sticker on it was close to $80k so not an apples to apples comparison, but it is what it is.

Generally I like the genesis but it has some quirks/limitations. [again, I only have 500 miles on it].

Quietness....wind and road noise similar to the lexus...but many more creaks , rattles etc. I had none at 75000 miles on the old car. Working on lubing everything, especially the sunroof. It is getting better but should not have these. Part of the problem may be that it was a March 2015 build, so it sat on the lot a long time.

RIDE....the lexus had adjustable suspension and rode more softly, but not better...just different. Felt heavier/more solid. The genesis ride is good and more fun than the lexus. Can get a little jittery over rough roads but corners better. I like the steering better even though many reviews do not give it high marks. All in all...I like the ride and handling.

ENGINE....comparing a 6 to an 8 but the genesis has plenty of pep just not as quiet and smooth as the 8, but I can use regular fuel. I like the 6.

TRANSMISSION...both are 8 speeds. The lexus was smoother [tuning and engine may impact] but the lexus downshifting was even more lethargic. I prefer the genesis.

INTERIOR COMFORT...seats are nice and a little better but genesis has better cooling and heating of seats.

TECH....genesis better in many areas but 6 model years newer.
navigation...good display, weird routing, and abominable voice command, just terrible. The bluelink... works fine for navigation voice commands but requires a subscription. A real miss on the nav and voice systems.
Radio...I preferred the sound of the lexus' mark levinson and the convenience of directly recording cd's etc to the hard drive [probably few people still use CD's...but I have a bunch]...vs first to USB then to jukebox...also radio is harder to tune directly...keeps deferring to the last genre' selected...vs ALL stations [but I may be doing it wrong]. But all in all the lexicon is fine...were I not comparing it, I would love it.
trunk proximity feature...very nice
no self closing doors...too bad not in the US
android auto...should be there!!
haptic feed back/AEB/blind spot etc...very nice
instrumentation and ease of use....good
drive mode...wish it would remember after turning off and restarting


HVAC...seems fine, but seems like most of my previous cars , when you use AUTO heat settings, would wait to turn on HVAC till engine slightly warmed up. This one blasts cold air when first started. Salesman and service tech indicate that is the way it works.

SERVICE EXPERIENCE.....not nearly as upscale as previous but seems very pleasant and competent. At this issue.

WARRANTY...obviously seems very good...only time will tell. I did buy extended warranty for peace of mind as the entertainment system only warranted for 3 years on 2015...shows a lack of confidence on Hyundai's omission.
If they want to play upscale they will have to work on this part.

OVERALL...I like the car and if I were not distracted by rattles , I could say I love the car....especially for the price difference. It is more fun to drive than the lexus and, for being heavy, it is fairly light on its feet. I personally like the quiet, confident, simple design and packaging.

ps..a couple of questions

...does anyone have any experience with snow tire sizing?...I have an almost new set of 235x50/18 That I would like to use but the techs did not know for sure if they would work or would cause confusion with the internal electronic systems. the occasional 'humming sound' from the left rear quarter panel the fan for the lexicon system?

Finally...does anyone know if the microphone for the nav system is the same one as the Bluelink?..or are they separate?

I will post more as I live with the car. Please take no offense at any comparisons I made...I may not be operating things correctly and the car I am comparing to cost more $. It makes much more sense to own the genesis.



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:welcome: and thanks for the objective feedback! It's always nice to hear when previous luxury car owners have input; it's a real barometer of where Hyundai needs to focus. I too hate the squeaks/rattles/etc and frankly it's something that shouldn't be considering how stiff the Genesis body structure is. I can almost say for certain that Genesis brand management is aware of the issue. The biggest areas to lubricate are the rubber seals around the front doors and the moonroof.


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Congrats and nice write up! I hear some kind of noise coming from the chassis when I drive up and down speed bumps. Could possibly be that I'm lowered...

I've had Lexus in the past (RX330) which is a VERY nice car, but not very "driver" oriented. At this price range, I don't think anything out there can touch it in terms of 4 door mid size luxury. I was comparing this car with a Hellcat about apples to oranges...


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Great review. My 2016 3.8 RWD Tech had an issue, but seems fixed. It owns my 2006 Acura RL Tech in every way except voice recognition and Emergency Autonomous Braking. Much smoother drivetrain, steering, ride and ACC on the Genny. For the price, it's a home run.


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I've had my Lexus GS400 for 10 years now... It drives better than my previous 2012 KIA Optima.. So far i'm very happy with the Genesis.. You have to realize coming from a road and wind noise KIA with harsh suspension the Genesis just glides the road ever so smoothly. I'm a little over 2k miles on the Genesis and haven't had and rattles.. There is a weight difference between both models so i wonder if that makes a difference in noise?


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You and I are kinda in the same boat. I picked up a 2015 V8 about a month ago. I've got just 1k miles on it and I'm still trying to figure out the car. I replaced a 2010 Cadillac STS N* V8, with the Genesis. While the Genesis technology and power is superior to the STS, I'm not sure the driving dynamics are there yet. My wife had a Jaguar S-type with a v8 that had superior balance and road feel than the Genesis. While Lotus helped Hyundai tune the G2 suspension, I'm afraid that they came to the party too late to have a major impact.
That being said, the car does make me smile. The V8, the looks ( black / ivory ), and the technology are a pretty good package. The dealer experience, is without a doubt downscale from Jaguar and Cadillac, but I get the sense that they are trying. They did however deliver my car with tire pressures all over the lot and not even close to spec. Quality customer experience is in the details.
Like I said the car makes me smile because I can turn the tires into smoke at will.


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I found an old thread on the coupe forum that claims that DuPont Krytox was the ultimate answer to the squeaks and rattles. He claims it 100% silicon and did the trick for his issues? My 16 is very squeak free so far at 5K miles.


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I have a new 25 Ultimate and would like to be proactive and put Krytox on to prevent any future problems. Amazon has many different varieties of Krytox, any particular type of Krytox that would work best on the Genesis?

On another subject I have seen references in other threads to the rear window privacy shade. On my 13 Gen One I had a privacy shade but on my 15 RWD Ultimate I can't seem to find any controls for it. Does the 15 RWD Ultimate have a privacy shade?

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Page 3-160 shows information about the "rear curtain". It shows where the button is located on the switch panel on the dash to the left of the steering wheel (also shown on pg 1-4).

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I called Dupont and described my intended usage....they recommended 206 or 207 viscosity and the standard grade [non-military]
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