flooded car


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I bought a 2014 Genesis 5.0 R-spec with 22213 miles from Houston, TX that ran and drove when first delivered three years ago. Car sat outside my garage in Florida for three years because of separate legal issues. Car started every time but would stop after 15 minutes. Now car won't start but turns over. Spark plug (left front) looked very clean. No signs of oil or pitting. The underside front engine guard was removed and suggests that water never got into the engine. One LHS front metal bracket showed signs of rusting. Both intake filters were dry and showed no signs of water damage. Local dealer wants $500 to look at car because it has salvage title. I am thinking the fuel tank filter got clogged from water/bacteria from sitting outside for so long. I am looking for direction. Otherwise car is in mint condition. Hyundai service won't help in the least.
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