Florida Track Day


Getting familiar with the group...

Been working for the last 3.5 months or so on organizing a Track Day with Performance Driving Group (http://performancedrivinggroup.com/)

We have chosen March 30th, 2014 at Homestead Miami Speedway… The regular price for the event is $299, but I have been able to get a group discount base on the amount of drivers we get.

Minimum 5 drives: $25 off
5 - 10 drives: $35 off
10-15 drivers: $40 off
15 + drivers $45 off

PDG also provides coffee and donuts or bagels in the morning, catered lunch, use of our full motion simulator, no charge for an instructor (see web page for 1st timer information) , no charge to instructors, no membership fees and more. This event is NOT strictly for Gen Coupe, so it you have a buddy with a xyz car he/she will be able to join in the fun. The more the merrier and the more money stays in our pockets.

Here is some key info I’ve acquired so for!!!!!!

Q) Can you please provide me with some more information pertained to these tracks? ie distance, number of turns, straight-a-way length and so on.
A)Maps & Seating Charts - Homestead-Miami Speedway

Q) For beginners, You offer an Instructor ride along. Is there going one instructor per beginner driver? If not, How many instructor are available.
A)1 per student

Q) How long will the beginner status/classification last?
A) until the instructor feels the driver is ready to go SOLO

Q) How long does the instructor ride along with the beginner driver?
A) All day

Q) I am assuming it will be the same instructor all day, correct?
A) yes

Q) On average how much track time do you get in a given day?
A) Five 25 minute sessions and an open 40 minute session at the end of the day

Q) The way I understand your reply above, is there will be (5) 25 minutes session per group and a 40 minutes open session. Is that correct? For a possibility of 165 minutes (2 hr 45 minutes) of total track time.
A) yes

Q) Open session mean all class completing at the same time. Is that correct?
A) yes

Q) What is the average time per “session” and how many sessions are ran in a day?
A) See above

Q) Does the different driver level of class run simultaneously or individually?
A) 3 run groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Q) Is special insurance needed to participate? If so, what is needed?
A) No

Q) In case there was an accident, what happens?
A) Car gets towed back to the pits. If the driver is hurt, goes to the hospital

Q) Do you rent helmets or will we need to obtain one prior to the race?
A) We rent helmets

Q) Under what condition (weather) will the track/event be closed/canceled? Will there be a rain check?
A) No rain check unless we cancel the event. Hurricane or very bad weather will cancel.

Q) Do spectators have to purchase an entrance ticket? If so, what is the cost per ticket?
A) free

Q) Will any type of equipment to fine tune the cars be provide? ie air compressor to inflate tires, jacks and so on.
A) no

Please let me know if you are interested in joining us on March 30th for Homestead Track Day.


Getting familiar with the group...
PDG has created an event just for us on our their website to start taking payment. When you go the their website (» Events) our event is the last event listed on the schedule for December 30th register there and DPG will move you to the March 30th date. Our special pricefor the group has been set at the $40 off price for the regular price of $299 for a total $259 plus tax. If we go over the +15 driver mark DPG will credit us the extra dollars at a later date. There will be a cut of date of March 16th, so get in there and make your payment.
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