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First Generation Fog Light DRL mod


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Ok, it has taken me a while but I am close to having a working DRL mod. The two main goals of this project were to retain as much OEM functionality as possible while using the fog lights as my DRL's, and 100% plug and play. My current design will have the following functionality:

HB-DRL on -> FL on, HB-DRL off.

HB-DRL off -> FL off, HB-DRL off.

HB-DRL on -> FL on, HB-DRL off + Flash to pass -> Standard HB operation and control. (Aka, FL cycle off when HB are on.)

Head lights on -> Standard Fog light operation and control.

High beams on -> Standard Fog light operation and control.

Blinker on -> Lost blinker side DRL drop out. (This can be retained, but at an almost double cost.)

Part of the reason this has taken me over a year to put together is finding the correct off the shelf components. It will be a plug and play setup using OEM connectors without a single splice to the factory harness or secondary power/relay circut. There will be proper voltage controls, ie diodes, relays, wiring, etc. Initially this is for Genesis' with factory HID's being that I do not have a halogen setup to test on. A great aspect is that this should carry over to just about any vehicle that uses high beams as their DRL's by using the correct OEM harness plugs.
So far it looks like the setup will be in the $200-250 range. Kind of steep for something as simple as a light mod IMHO. But worth it because of the P&P and keeping 90% of the OEM functions. (Or 100% of OEM functions at a greater cost.)

So what are everyone's thoughts? Is this something y'all would be interested in? Does the functionality fit what you would want? Anyone have any questions? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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