FS: Spec D Black Bezel Coupe Headlights w/ smoke tinted lens


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These are brand new as of 7-7-15, installed on car for two days, decided to go with another brand because I don't care for the smoke tinted lens.
Spec D Black Bezel with smoke tint lens, LED DRL lower eyelash. Manufacturer part# 2LHP-GENS210G-V2-TM

I cannot return these for refund because they come factory wired so that the DRL only comes on with park lights. I wired the DRL strip direct to battery so they would run anytime the car is running. If you want me to wire them back to factory setting so that you control the DRL with the park light switch just let me know, otherwise you will need a $12 DRL relay to run to battery if you want them on all the time.

$200 shipped to your door, payment by PayPal

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Do you still have the headlights? If so can I get a PM with a shipping quote to T3A5G1 please.
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