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Someone posted a few videos of a G70 racing a Camaro. Interesting how it held up to the Camaro... not sure if either are modified.



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we definitely cant gather any info from this. another market car, another language, no info on mods like you said. I really want to go head to head with some of the cars I see every day here in Vegas but no one wants to do a quick pull around here. maybe no one knows what our cars are yet, and what they can keep up with. Ive been watching stinger vids to get a better idea of how our car might compare to others in the real world

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I can give a stock 6.2L SS Camaro a good run for their money and have, with the 3.3T the torque curve kicks in low around 1500 RPM, the Camaro's doesn't kick in until around 4600 rpm, (I owned one so I am familiar).

From a dig or rolling start you can pull on the Camaro, but once you hit 80-90 mph they will run past you, the Camaro while heavy still weighs a good 800lbs less than the G80, and still has 100+ HP.

remember Torque gets you there, but horse power keeps you there. The 3.3T has the torque, but not so much the HP when compared to the 6.2L LS3

The G70 weighs less than the G80 so it might hang a little longer, but the lower weight and big displacement V8 will walk, er run away eventually..
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I was driving on the (Mass) Pike one night during a heavy snow. Saw a car about 100 yds. front of me. It was obvious from the taillights that it was fishtailing in the 2-3 inches of snow on the road and was having a hard time. Caught up and easily passed the late model Camaro with my G70 AWD. So, G70-1 Camaro-0. :)


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The Mustang and Camaro are amazing vehicles and values for what they are. I would not compare the G70 to either of them as they are different tools for different jobs. It is cool that a G70 can hang with a Camaro given how versatile the Genesis actually is.

I can only imagine a JB4 and a few other nominal mods will do.

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While I can't speak directly for the G70 or the newer Camaros, I have to think the push rod Chevys are going to walk off at higher speed.
My only comparison is "seat of the pants" differences between my old '99 Z28 and my 2015 Genesis 5.0 Ultimate (and I realize the G70 is different). I tweaked the Z28 for more horsepower and it was a six-speed manual with a LS7 clutch. I invested HEAVILY in suspension modifications, brakes, and HANDLING. The car weighed 3460 pounds and hooked off the line with a vengeance. It also had a better than 10 to 1 (pound to hp/ft lb) ratio. While torque came on slower than most turbo'd vehicles, it also stayed planted with a sensitive right foot. All combined it made for a quick car that also handled curves, but at the price of a ride that could possibly make fillings come out of your teeth.
The Genesis 5.0 is a different beast. Night and day difference ride. Great acceleration for a 4500+ pound car with 420 hp. Not the fastest thing out there but not really what one should ask of it. I would never give up the ride quality for a more performance oriented car. From a dig, my old Z28 would pull a car length on it, provided I launched right, by the time I would shift to second. At that point though, not much lacking with the Genesis. Now on a road course? Forget it. Camaro by a mile, but a much less comfortable mile.

Back to the new comparison though. The newest Camaros have went on a diet, have more power, and benefit from a slush box that is quicker than the manual in a drag. The new ten-speed Mustang is the same way. While the G70 looks like it will be a great car with above average performance and a much higher ride quality, I just don't see it competing head-to-head with the Camaro/Mustang in straight line performance.
Kinda like wearing an expensive fur coat to a low-country boil party on a 95 degree day.


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