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I managed to jack up my wife's brand new G70 front right wheel the other day by scraping a curb... Design Edition with the 19" grey machined aluminum wheel, Pilot Sport 4 tire (225/40 ZR19). I called the local Roseville Hyundai service department to get a quote - came back with $1020 plus tax which would include balance and alignment. Seems a bit high - a search of internet suppliers finds the wheel and tire at around a little over $600 (if they really can get the parts)... so labor at just over $400 to swap out the pressure sensor and balance/align? Does this sound unrealistic? I realize it's the dealership and they will come in higher than anyone else...

And then the practically new (but scraped) wheel and tire (2000 miles) - what to do with that? Could I even find a buyer for such an item since it's unique to such a limited run of car... but messed up?



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Get it repaired. My wife did much more damage to a Stinger GT Rim than what you are showing, had it repaired at a shop called Alloy Wheel Repair, and i can't even tell where the issue was anymore. Cost $150, it is amazing. Best $150 bucks i ever spent.
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