G80 3.8 PCV Valve Indentification


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So, I've been hearing about the GDI carbon build up issues, and decided to order a catch can for my G80. I'm trying to figure out which hose it is. Oh, simple, it's the hose going from the engine to the intake. I've never see so many wires and hoses on an engine before. This thing is seriously high tech. Somebody wrote up a nice guide on how he did his on a V8 model, but the V6 is obviously different. So, I pulled out my factory service manual. The only drawing in there of the PCV is a pretty crude drawing, there's not even a photo of it. So, I believe I've identified the area where the hose is.

Here's a picture of mine:

So, this is confusing. Based on their drawing, I think it may be the hose going into it on the bottom, but there's also a hose on the top, that goes to the other side of the engine. To make matters worse, that spot is pretty crowded, and just getting the hose off the intake is going to be challenging. Getting it off the engine side is near impossible, unless I want to dismantle a lot of things. So, are there TWO pcv hoses? Or is the second hose something else?

Can anybody confirm, or shed some light on this? I can't find anything on here about it.



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Just an FYI I know GM came out on the new Corvette's and said anyone adding a catch can voids the GM warranty. Hopefully Genesis isn't so picky.


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That's a breather tube. From what I can tell, the PCV hoses are in the back of the engine, after the throttle body. So which one does a catch can go on? Everybody keeps saying it goes on the PCV hose, but are they wrong? Does it go on the breather hose?

See this diagram here: https://www.hyundaipartsdeal.com/diagrams/large/KHMAPB11/28283A11.png

According to that diagram, there are two PCV hoses. 26720 and 28914. So I'm pretty confused here.

Actually, yeah, it looks like a breather hose sends clean air from the intake into the engine, then the PCV takes the dirty air out of the engine and into the intake. So if you put a catch can on the breather, I'm pretty sure you're doing it on the wrong line.
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