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G80 Accumulated Info and BSM icon in HUD randomly reset


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Genesis G80
Continue to have an issue on my 2018 G80 Ultimate 34,500+ miles, where the Accumulated Info (trip, time, MPG, etc.) gets randomly reset and the BSM icon on the HUD display gets unchecked and doesn't show up any more.
Auto reset on fill-up setting is turned off but it has occurred many times with that setting on.
This seems to happen on almost every tank of gas.

The BSM icon randomly getting turned off is a safety issue as I rely on that when changing lanes. That is the purpose of that safety feature and you should be able to rely on it to function properly. Yes you still need to look out the windows and use the mirrors when changing lanes.
I have taken this to the dealership but they can't find any error codes and say there is nothing they can do.

I know others have reported the same issue. Has anyone found a resolution yet? Is this just the start of additional computer problems?

How can you trust the rest of the software when this is not working properly?

I am 100% sure that I am not accidentally resetting while driving.
I do manually reset all of the accumulated info only when I fill up. I fill up completely and only when below 1/4 of a tank.
I copy down all of the mileage and other settings that are not reset ever fill up. That is how I noticed something was wrong.
I believe it is also resetting the drive mode from eco to normal.

Looking for help here.
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