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G80 Sport Pricing Announced


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Based on what you say
Its hard to believe Lexus made it the first several years
Just two sedans with dealerships and service proposition that were as good as the German dealers
Toyota was basically subsidizing the Lexus dealerships for a while.

You need to compare the G80 to the likes of cars like the 3 series and C class
Didn't we already cover this before?

And if the G80 is to be compared to the likes of the 3 Series/C Class - then what is the upcoming G70 to be compared against?

You have no idea how many people bought the G80 because they could not afford many of those more expensive cars on your list
Neither do you.

And sure, there will be some buyers who end up w/ the G80 b/c they can't afford a similarly equipped 5 Series, but there are also buyers who just rather not spend that type of coin on a midsize, luxury sedan.

And there are also others who would rather get a NA V8 sedan than one powered by a boosted 6 cylinder, much less a turbo 4.

(On the other foot, there are those badge-wh*re buyers who will opt for a modestly equipped turbo 4 as the cheapest price of entry.)

As I had pointed out a # of times before, the LS400 was originally priced well below the S Class (more like a decently equipped mid-size offering from MB), but nonetheless, the LS400 was placed in the flagship segment (and even today, the LS460 is still priced a good bit below the S Class).

15-20 years ago, the Sonata was priced closer to the Civc/Corolla than the Accord/Camry - that didn't mean that the Sonata competed against the compacts.

The Infiniti Q50 starts $6k below that of the C Class - nevertheless, they are in the same segment.

The other thing is that the feature set ( and customization options)on the G80 are much lower than some of the cars on your sales list
Who cares?

Neither the Japanese nor the domestics offer the level of customization that the Europeans do.

Your other point about crossover/SUV segment growing is true while the luxury sedan market shrinks
But several cars that you omitted...the Germans...still seem to be doing pretty well
I'm well aware that the Gernans (well, MB and BMW) are still doing relatively well when it comes to their sedans.

The reason why I didn't include them is pretty elementary - none of the others have been able to encroach on MB and BMW despite decades of trying, so hardly logical to expect new-born Genesis to do so.

Note that I did include the Audi A6, as Audi, like the other contenders, has continued to lag behind MB and BMW when it comes to luxury sedan sales.

Not in the same segment by any means...but in the United States
But Mercedes has sold about the same amount of $100+K S class cars as Genesis has sold G80's to date
They have sold about 4,000 a month of the E class and about 7,000 a month of the C class

BMW has sold about 3000 a month of the 5 series and 6000 a month of the 3 series

The BMW 3 series and Mercedes C class are in the same price range as the G80...so that means a large majority of luxury sedan buyers, in the same price range, are buying the Germans by a large margin
See above.
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