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1G Genesis Coupe (2009-2016)
Hi guys i own a genesis coupe 2010 3.8 MT model. i recently had a problem with my car. before my car drove perfectly fine, car has been serviced i have all my oil levels good no problem where that concerns. My car didnt wanna turn back on mid-day after running some errands. i would leave my foot off the clutch and press the push to start button to turn on the ac and indicator/ interior lights and you would hear a "ticking" sound my check engine light is ticking the same pace as the sound. i opened my hood and the fuse box closest to the battery with the "ECU MAIN" thats what its labelled as is making the ticking sound. you can feel it when you lay a finger on it. when i try to start my car its cranking but wont turn over. its also making a grinding sound while trying to start. my ideas around this is that my starter is bad, which messed up my fly wheel; which is why that sound is like that. but thats my thoughts on it. for the ecu main fuse thats ticking i dont know if i have to replace it or someone told me it could be the ecu computers way of protecting its self "safety mode" i also replaced my battery. please i need help and ideas. anything would be very helpful and i would deeply appreciate it. thanks to all in advance :) !!!450D3837-0471-4CAF-A393-02AF372DC89E.jpegA6E8E756-A8A3-468B-AEAA-44AABEC0ED53.jpeg8A8DDF1E-208B-46C5-BC20-9B8337B07DAA.jpeg
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