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Getting ready for a G70 Sport


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Hi all, obviously new to the forum. I have just turned in my leased 2017 C300c, and up 'til now I have been looking at leasing a 2019 Stinger GT2, with a plan to take advantage of its big lease cash incentive and to then buyout the lease. I like smallish cars, and although the GT2 was a bit on the "bigger' side, I felt that as it would be a bit bigger than my ATS, it would be easier for weekend passengers to enter/exit. However, I'm now back into a more selfish mode, and the G70 Sport 3.3 is in my sights for a few of reasons. Smaller than the GT2, somewhat better handling, and better leasing at a MF of 0.00009 vs 0.000196 for 36/10K, but without buyout as the lease cash is not so hot. As I'm familiar with the G70 Sport and most interested in leasing it either at the end of this or next month, I most likely will be paying attention to leasing posts.


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Wow that's a big fish. Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to buy clothes and diapers and to paint the garage blue/pink before you get your new baby