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So this isn't your average lowering question that I can search here. I recently bought a r spec. The rear sits perfect height wise, the front I would love to lower it a hair, and when I say a hair, no more than an inch at most (ideally 3/4 of an inch would be perfect). I just like to have a bit of a rake since when the rear gets loaded which mine will mostly, its not like the rear is sagging since i hate that look. Unfortunately the lowering springs drop the front like 1.5 inches or more and I don't wanna get coilovers to just drop the front .75 of an inch. Also with the lowering springs/coilovers due to harder spring rates, they stiffen the ride up and the OEM's have their share of stiffness which I'm happy with, wouldn't want it anymore harsher. Is there any way I can achieve this? Yes, cutting half a coil off the fronts is an option but id rather not go that route if anyone has a different suggestion. I know some cars have bump stops and you can kinda play around with those to get minimal drops but don't think these have em.
I forgot to mention, not sure why ARK didnt make GT-F springs for our cars like they did for the 15 plus since those would've been perfect i feel.


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If you want to lower a car new suspension is needed, never cut coils. Since you want a oem ride, your only route is raising the rear until you get a rake level you like.
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