Guide: Accessing the Engineering Menu.

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All, I own the 2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L/Tech Package.

**This feature has only been tested on a 2009. Please send me a PM if you've successfully accessed the menu with your Model Year 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 Genesis.

*This guide is only applicable for models with the DIS (Driver Infotainment System).

Credits go to all for finding this useful information.


1. Get to the Phone Menu by 'Pressing Info/Phone'.

2. Select Phonebook --> New Entry

3.Enter '##0324#0704##'

4. Press 'OK' and it will take you to the Engineering menu.
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Does the base trim genesis have one of these engineering menus? Or is it more of a this is what it is, if you want it some other way you can get bent.


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Hello guys,

I own a 2013 Genesis Sedan 3.8L with Lexicon touchscreen NAVI.

I was able to access the "BLUETOOTH ENGINEERING MODE" by following a guide on this forum and without even knowing how I did I ended up in a "DEV MODE" with more options but I have no clue how to go back there.

Let me know if you found out how to access the full ENG Sub Menu. I'd like to change the bootup screen!

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