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Getting familiar with the group...
I'm going to buy a Throttle Controller, just makes the car 'feel lighter and brighter' around the city by reducing the lag.

I really like this one as there are no wires, it is bluetooth and controlled by an app on your phone.

And, it has a security feature whereby you can switch off power to the accelerator and PIN code protect it (stopping someone from stealing your car).

Question: Anyone know of other brands that do the same thing and have the same features (especially the security feature)..

Keen to see if there are other more cost effective brands that do the same thing.



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Fellow GV70’ers, I am compiling a master list for any aftermarket parts and modifications for the GV70. I build a lot of custom cars and I plan on building my GV70 to the max so I have been digging around and watching for any signs of GV70 products. Which considering there is hardly anything aftermarket out there this will be a slow process. I’m not very patient so I have been reaching out to several manufactures trying to get the ball rolling on developing products and in a matter of 2 weeks I am already working with three different companies on designing some products and will be doing a lot of testing/reviews on anything GV70 related as it hits the market.

Here is my list to start. I will continue to update this list as products come out and there are a few others I still need to add. If you know of any other products not on here please comment with a link and I will add them. I will add comments/reviews under products once I get them and will add feedback from other members here as well if you will post up pictures/opinions/feedback on anything on this list or any new products.

Carbon fiber vinyl decals to fit in the Genesis logo:
Amazon.com: Hood Trunk Wing Emblem Carbon Sticker 2PC & Wing Metal Sticker For Hyundai Genesis G80: Automotive

Genesis Hood Wing Logo (OEM):

Hood Top Wing emblem badge for 2022 Hyundai Genesis GV70 | eBay

(I am putting this on the back of mine, removing the GENESIS letters and GV70/AWD for a cleaner look)

GV70 Painted Body Side Molding Bumpers (color matched)

For: Genesis GV70 2022-2023 Painted Body Side Moldings #FE-GV70-22 | eBay

Amazon.com: Dawn Enterprises, Inc. FE-GV70-22 Finished End Body Side Molding Compatible with Genesis GV70 - Himalayan Gray (N5M): Automotive

Genesis valve stem covers (high quality, several colors; available soon):

Wheel Locks (OEM)

2021-2022 Genesis Wheel Locks - Free Shipping | Genesis Parts And Accessories

Touch up Paint Pen (OEM):

Genesis Touch Up Paint Pen - Free Shipping | Genesis Parts and Accessories

Front Splitter/Side Skirts:

I'm working on designing a front splitter and side skirts and have a company that is going to manufacture them once I get the design all finished out (4-6 weeks to be produced)- can be made in black powdercoated aluminum, carbon fiber, and a honeycomb carbon fiber that matches the honeycomb GV70 pattern

License Plate Frames:


Carbon Fiber look Gear Panel Switch Cover

Carbon Style Gear Panel Switch Cover Trim Molding For HYUNDAI 2021-2022 GV70 | eBay

Carbon Fiber look Park/Trunk Switch Trim Cover

Carbon Style Crush Pad Seat Switch Button Adjust For HYUNDAI 2021-2022 GV70 | eBay

Carbon Fiber look Rear A/C control/Vent Cover

Carbon Style Second Seat Air Vent Cover Molding Trim For HYUNDAI 2021-2022 GV70 | eBay

Pocketed Seat Back Covers

Aimban Seat Back Cover Pocket 4Colors 2pcs For HYUNDAI 2021-2022 GV70 | eBay

Door Lock Striker Covers (multiple colors):

Cup Holder Liners (various styles):

Amazon.com: Wall Stickz Auto Sport 2PCS LED Cup Holder Mat Pad Coaster with USB Rechargeable Interior Decoration Light Fit Genesis Accessory: Automotive

Amazon.com: Auto Sport 2.75 Inch Diameter Oval Tough Car Logo Vehicle Travel Auto Cup Holder Insert Coaster Can 2 Pcs Pack Fit Genesis Accessories: Automotive

Cupholder Change Cup (Genesis logo):

Genesis Coin Cup - Free Shipping | Genesis Parts & Accessories (genesispartsandaccessories.com)

Weathertech Floor Mats:

Weathertech is working on GV70 mats (development phase). Should be 10-12 weeks or sooner until they are released

Lux Auto Floor Mats: spoke with them and we are going to get them in the works. I spoke with them today and I am going to design them and provide them with all dimensions, pictures, and make a template and they said they could get them made quick. These are quilted mats and they have a lot of colors. The red looks pretty close to the factory red and the black/red and black/blue would be good options as well depending on interior colors!
Luxus Auto Mats

Replacement floor mats (OEM):

2022 Genesis GV70 Carpeted Floor Mats - Free Shipping | Genesis Parts & Accessories (genesispartsandaccessories.com)

Cargo Bay Retractable Cover (OEM):

2022 Genesis GV70 Cargo Cover - Free Shipping | Genesis Parts & Accessories (genesispartsandaccessories.com)

Reversible Cargo Tray/Cover (OEM):

2022 Genesis GV70 Reversible Cargo Tray - Free Shipping | Genesis Parts & Accessories (genesispartsandaccessories.com)

Cargo Net (OEM):

2022 Genesis GV70 Cargo Net | Genesis Parts & Accessories (genesispartsandaccessories.com)

Cargo Blocks (OEM):

Genesis Cargo Blocks | Genesis Parts and Accessories

JB4 Tuner (for both 2.5T and 3.5T)
JB4 for Kia / Hyundai 2.5T, 3.5T, SmartStream, and K5 (BETA)

Plug and play 100+HP/100+Torque on stock GV70 and a ton of tuneability and features. This is a great product that I have used them on many vehicles in the past. I am fully expecting to be able to have 500hp/550 torque with this and mid pipes/exhaust/high flow filter. Easy to uninstall and have back to factory in no time if you have to take it in to the dealership and worried about any warranty issues. They are still doing some testing/tuning but you can pre-order the Beta version now and it will ship out when they release them. I will report back as soon as I have an updated ETA on when they will ship out. Dave was checking into it and going to give me a guesstimate.

Wheel spacers:

If you use spacers keep it 20mm max and hub centric only. H&R and Eibach are always solid choices. I drive my cars like I’m running from the police so the most I feel comfortable with based on how I drive and with the crappy roads/potholes here is 15mm. H&R has a very nice set of 15mm hub-centric spacers. Mine came in today, headed to the beach for a few days will get them installed this weekend and post pics and confirm fitment/clearance. If you get spacers torque them in the right sequence and torque them exactly to spec and use Red Loctite.

These are 15mm with our lug pattern. Can’t go any shorter with the studs for this style spacer. These SHOULD fit if my rough glance math at another GV70 with the wheel off but will confirm this weekend (have been too busy at work to take one of my wheels off). 20mm will for sure fit.

Amazon.com: H&R Springs 3065673: Automotive

Demon_GV70 is working on getting an exhaust system out for us soon, hopefully followed by mid-pipes. (Hey Demon_GV70- just a reminder I called first dibs when you start releasing them)


Lug pattern:

5x114.3 (5x4.5) 67.1 bore

Sport Prestige Model Wheels: 21x9 or 9x5” wheels and probably 43mm backspacing (just a guess; will measure this weekend and confirm)

Sport Prestige Tires: 255/40r21. It looks like a 265/45r21 should fit if you want to fill the wheel wells up a little more or have it slightly higher depending on use/drive style. 265/40r21 will for sure fit.

How about a chrome cover for the foot rest that matches the brake and accelerator pedals?
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I'm 100% in for a group buy. Already emailed them as well about expected availability. Looks sexy AF I was mocking up a one of set of skirts and front splitter but this saves a lot of time and headache.
How's the installation video coming along mate? I'm keen on the installation process as well. Thanks!


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There is a flash offer of free shipping on COVERCRAFT UVS100 Custom Sunscreens for the GV70 if you don't mind the wait​

W7A-D2Y worked for me


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How's the installation video coming along mate? I'm keen on the installation process as well. Thanks!
Install on what? Adro body kit? Unfortunately still no ETA from them on when it will arrive in the US. Only front splitter and spoiler coming in first batch will be another month for side skirts/rear diffuser at least.


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Install on what? Adro body kit? Unfortunately still no ETA from them on when it will arrive in the US. Only front splitter and spoiler coming in first batch will be another month for side skirts/rear diffuser at least.
I meant the install video on the jb4 that you said you were making. Sorry, should have been more clear!
The Genesis License Plate Frame
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