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About a month ago my headlights started going out, starting with my low beams, then high beams, and then running lights until I had zero working lights. Took it to a shop and they said the bulbs just needed replacing. Picked it up and everything was fine that afternoon- drove it from the shop to work, work to home, then home to gym with no problems. Leaving the gym my auto lights wouldn’t come on (it was 8:30 and dark), my cabin lights wouldn’t come on, my high beams wouldn’t work, and as I was driving my seat belt alarm started going off and continued to do so even after I put the car in park. Took it back to the same shop and just got a call from them saying they’ve looked at it every which way and can’t figure out what the issue is.

My first thought was maybe an issue with the wiring harness- back in October my fiance replaced the factory bulbs with Xenon bulbs, so we thought maybe they were pulling too much power and just frying the bulbs as a whole. When the shop replaced them a couple weeks ago, they used standard/factory bulbs, and the problem has persisted. Taking it straight to Hyundai is my last resort because the way my bank account is set up I don't have $200/hour to give them to diagnose the problem.

Thanks in advance for any insight!
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