Hella Supertone Horns on 2016 Ultimate Coupe.


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This can be done pretty easily from under the car if you have a jack and some stands or some ramps. 4 bolts to pull the cover plastic from under the bumper, two bolts on the horns themselves (all 10mm) and the two electrical connectors (I just sinped mine about an inch from the OE horn. Solder and heat shrink it all up then rebolt everything in place.

I started by soldering about 10in of wire to the horns and heat shrinking the connections.

Then removed the OE horns with a quick snip leaving enough wire on the horn side that it could go back to stock if needed.

Then hang new horns in place. I twisted the wires from horn to harness so I could do a test beep (wasn't sure if polarity matters, but they beeped first time for both horns). Then solder and heat shrink the connections. I found unplugging the temp sensor helped with a little bit more room for soldering and wrenching(dont forget to reconnect the sensor before bolting the bumper pan back up like me =0)

Overall it was about 90minutes of effort. I used the stock horn mounting points and you do not see the horns from the exterior.
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