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Hello from a New G80 owner


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Hello all,

I recently purchased a 2017 G80 5.0. I wanted to reach out and say hello so you can all graciously welcome me to the forums :). I look forward to learning and sharing ideas regarding the G80 from each of you. My first goal is to replace the exhaust. I see there are a lot of threads on this topic and will be reading through those before soliciting input.

Thank you



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Genesis G80
Nothing wrong to speak of. Wanted to get a slight bit more sound.
From a guy that has been working on cars for over 50 years my take on car modifications is don't fix it unless it is broken. As far as noise goes, Ferrari's and Maserati's has a switch to increase the exhaust level. I guess it is required to impress other people in that you are successful and can afford an exotic sport car. You will never impress anyone with a G80. However, if your noise level goes up it will get to you on a long drive. Car makers seek to reduce noise levels and you are trying to work against it, go figure.
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