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HID kit in stock halogen housing


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Does this work and still look clean? I'm browsing for "kits", ideally for low and high beams, and my first reaction to google was "wow that's cheap..." when you can get a kit for $77. I have the basic coupe 3.8, does the stock housing actually project HID properly? I don't mind a few stray light beams here and there on a garage door, but ideally I'm looking for crisp clean lines of light. Has anybody upgraded and been completely in love using stock housing, or were you disappointed with the end result.


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I have not seen the inside of your fixture but all the halogen projectors I have seen have the cutoff plate inside the fixture. You can simply do the conversion with a quality kit. Ideal color is 4300K (OEM) and nothing over 5000K after that they turn a slight blue and you lose definition in wet weather. HID's are about twice as bright as the original halogens.
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