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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
So I traded in my iPhone for a Samsung S21 and to my chagrin the S21 doesn't support usb audio in a Genesis. The car's Bluetooth uses SBC which is a very low bitrate codec and my music sounded bad. Like, terrible. (It's only 44khz/16bit at 192kbps, with extreme loss of sound data)

After a couple of weeks I decided that losing media controls would be a minuscule price to pay for better sound, so I went looking for a solution. My only requirement was that I needed to remain wireless if possible so I didn't have to get a split charging adapter with a headphone out (clunky).

I settled upon using an LDAC Bluetooth receiver to the car's Aux port, since the analog to digital converter (I think 48khz/24bit, unknown data rate) in the radio is considerably better than even the USB processing (44khz/16bit 320kbps). LDAC supports lossless HD transmission at 990Kbps, assuming clean signal. The caveat is that the receiver MUST be powered from the car's USB port (not a 12v socket) else some significant ground loop noise is introduced.

There is some audiophile community contention on whether LDAC 990 is superior to aptX HD, but this receiver does both and I think LDAC edges it out slightly.

So now I use voice commands via Bixby to control my audio and enjoy much higher quality sound in the car.

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