How to better first gear performance


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Most cars these days start in second gear. This includes Hyundai and Mercedes. You can engage first gear manually if you wish. First gear is a very low ratio gear that tops out quite early.
Some owners are now considering a rear diff. change to lower the gear ratio. In my opinion, this will make first gear almost useless.
My opinion again, the Hyundai 8 speed transmission has great gearing. Low is very low for good performance. A lower first gear might be a "wash" because of decreased traction. High gear performance is designed for fuel economy, which is best at 1800-2000 rpm - that works out to 75-80mph.
I think it is cheaper and better to concentrate on reducing low gear torque management. Virtually all modern transmissions reduce torque in lower gears. This is simply done by reducing the opening speed of the throttle body. Your throttle body is electrically controlled and it is a simple matter for manufacturers to program a delay.
Perhaps the best and maybe the only way to work around the manufacturer's throttle body program is through a Sprint Booster.
Bear in mind that the thesis of torque management is for increased transmission life. A Sprint Booster per se will not reduce transmission life, BUT continuous heavy usage will no doubt have an long-term adverse effect.


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Good points. I considered the rear diff lower gear ratio change to try work around the torque management software that may exist. However, I have never tried torque-braking the engine since the sluggish low-end performance could be from the torque convertor stall speed. I installed a Sprint Booster, however the power from a dead stop is still a bit sluggish until about 2k rpm. Torque-braking the engine may help with gaining better off-the-line performance from a stand-still by applying the engine torque closer to when when the torque convertor lock-up. However, I do not want to stress the transmission by torque-braking the engine unless I am doing it for some timeslips every so often at the drag strip, but not on the street.:)


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Idk what you're on about in the first sentence but I have a loud exhaust on mine and can literally hear it run through all 8 gears starting at 1 from a red. 2012 R spec sedan. And I have a sprint booster on it set on red (aggressive) #6. Might even go up to 9 soon but not trying to destroy my trans. This setting seems to be the best for getting immediate throttle response and torque. I just made a video I posted in the performance mods section that shows the install procedure for the BTR ECU/TCU tune. Would highly recommend that for increasing HP, torque and trans response and capabilities. I had all my mods done before I got the tune and I experienced a noticeable increase in overall performance and there was definitely an increase in torque throughout the powerband. Also get a good set of tires on some wider wheels (stocks spin cause they're only 8" and cant get any grip not to mention the shit conti tires.) And you'll be good to go.
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