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My wife's car had an issue with the center console arm rest. The pleather/leather started to crack in the middle. She asked if I could fix it for here. I found a replacement one on ebay Fits 09-14 Hyundai Genesis Synthetic Leather Armrest Center Console Cover Black | eBay . I have to be upfront and mentioned the pleather they used for the replacement smelled horrible. It smelled like a plastic factory. I let it air out in the garage for 5 days before I installed it.

1) Remove screw cover on arm reat
2) Use a #2 Phillips to remove the screws holding the arm rest to the bracket. They are kind of awkward to get to due to being able to open fully.
3) Use a flat head screw driver and pop loose the plastic cover over the bottom of the armrest. It has multiple snaps all the way around. Just take your time and slowly pop each side up before trying to remove it.
4) Remove the lock for the arm rest. The original leather cover goes under the lock.
5) Pull the old leather cover. Take your time and it will come off easily.
6) Spray glue on the bottom of the armrest where the new cover will attach too. I noticed on the original leather there was no glue used at all except for on the bottom edge of the armrest.
7) Use a razor blade and trim around the holes on the bottom of the armrest where the snaps for the armrest cover will attach. They have to be exposed, if not the cover will not fit correctly. I then used clamps to hold the new cover on until the glue fully dried.
8) Install the lock. And snap in the armrest cover.
9) Install the armrest.

I hope this helps someone out.


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